Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time Off

I finally got a summer break where I didn't have to worry about board exams or other things. It was like a gift from heaven having two weeks completely away from school (even though I did spend some time to visit a nearby residency program). For the first week, Cohen and I were in Utah by ourselves and Rach joined us for the last week. I was nervous about being on the airplane with just me and him but things went pretty good....until the battery ran out of the dvd player and there was no more Willy Wonka. That led to a bunch of screaming, and it was already past his bedtime so the screaming just got worse and luckily I was sitting next to two absolutely wonderful people (who's names I sending to the Vatican to be given sainthood) who took over after they saw how near tears I was and felt bad for me. The last two hours were a bit sketchy but we got through it and no one got seriously hurt although there were a couple passengers that looked like they wanted to throw their complimentary peanuts at me. Once in Utah we had a blast from beginning to end.
We were honing Cohen's swimming skills and floaty devices.
He was also used as a balance while the unicycle got dusted off and put to good use.
Running around the back yard while mooing was a daily occurrence. He would wake up in the mornings and run down the hall, pull a chair to the window so he could climb on it and would say "cow!," and "chicks!" each morning. The first day we were back in NJ he woke up and did the same but when he looked out the window he was a bit more quizzical "cow?" and "chicks?". It was sorta sad.
Cohen liked playing on this ride for a while before moving up to this ride!
He really like going on the motorcycle (which I'm not supposed to tell anyone because Rachael doesn't want to be judged) and cried when we took him off.
"Tour de Southern Utah" was great and has been the best ride I've ever taken.
Everyone had a great time and are already planning out next year's ride which will probably be through Yellowstone. Can't wait! (If I can actually go...I may have a job, with real hours, and responsibilities; weird).

Lots of scenic country was seen, a few wild turkeys, a peacock or two, bulls crossing the road and chasing Carson, Shaun taking pictures of himself while riding at high speeds, Dad hanging in the back soaking up every minute, and me getting angry and the lousy top-end of my bike. A great time was had by all, even the local bike guru of Escalante loved having us around and was real intent on making sure we knew he had tires for all makes and models so much so that we had a feeling that someone should stay up during the night and guard our tires from "The Bike Doctor" and his sticky fingers.


Cassie said...

Have you seen baby mama?...

"You got a motorcycle for a baby?"
"That's crazy."
"Crazy... it was just what he wanted!!"

MattJohn JuleeBug and CarleeMarie said...

I am jealous I didn't go on vacation with you.

Mr. Belvedeere said...

no, you didn't go on vacation with me...but you did buy a gun!

Mr. Belvedeere said...

whoa, that comment might seem weird but it was totally based on seeing a comma (which wasn't there) after the word "jealous"